Thursday, 14 July 2011

short post, long spine

I'm not dead.
Oh, quite the contrary! I am ultra-active these days.
I'm active in my Yoga Teacher Training certification in a one month intensive course.

I'm having quite an intriguing experience with this. Quite a bit is being brought up for me, not necessarily only in association with the physical poses of Yoga, but with my perception of life around me, perception of people, attunement and alignment with the body, with emotions, on a much deeper level than I have experienced before.

I think being able to dedicate 9 hours a day to practise, 5 days a week, is truly something. It's a gift for me right now: many little stones coming together to create a cobble stone path.

This is why I haven't had much time to post, to communicate much with friends (thank you for your patience with me), I've really been sinking deeply into this practise, really committing myself to it.
I know the people that matter in the end, understand this.

So cheers to the benefits of immersion, full commitment, and turning a world upside down, shaking it up, and pouring it into a formless mess on the floor.

I feel like everything I thought I knew, is completely melted and malleable. Humbling. It's a world with new eyes, and everything will be your teacher if you find it to be.

p.s. Even if this music gets your goat (because we are western and this is a generally unfamiliar instrument to our culture, so how could we feel any kind of authenticity listening to it) Just give 'er a whirl. Maybe it'll do something to you.

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